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Northern Lights

It's just the beginning of the aurora borealis season, so keep your eyes open and your cameras ready while travelling around Iceland!
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Iceland Airwaves

Did you get your ticket to the biggest music festival in Iceland?!? You better because they already sold out. Click here to see the lineup and other information.
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dream myth of life

Dream - Short Film

We had the pleasure of receiving this magnificent short film by Matteo Sacher. This great photographer wanted to share his experience of the Icelandic nature with us and we salut him for that.
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fireworks at jokulsarlon

Fireworks at Jokulsarlon

We want to give you a heads up for the amazing yearly event Glacier lagoon firework show. The show is set on 24th of August and starts at 11pm and stands for 40minutes. An experience like no other. We will be offering tours...
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